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Production time 4 working days

  • ✓ Robust hardcover binding
  • ✓ High-quality digital print on premium paper
  • ✓ Sturdy PUR book binding
  • ✓ Refinable cover in gold, silver or rose gold
  • ✓ up to 156 pages

How many pages can your photo book have?

Your photobook can have 100 pages, whether 16 or 156 depends on the number of your photos and how you distribute them on the pages. In general, you can orient yourself by the following page numbers:

  • Photo Booklet: 16 to 32 pages

  • Real Photo Book: 26 to 98 pages

  • Digital Printing Photo Book: 28 to 156 pages

For example, if you have chosen a photobook with 30 pages and suddenly realize that you need a few more pages, you can add them later. Let's get started: Design your photobook with many pages or with just a few!

Which online photo book is the best for many pages?

If you want to create a photo book with many pages, we recommend our digital print and our real photo books. Each type of photo book has its advantages: The real photo book is made of real, exposed photos and therefore looks particularly elegant. It can accommodate your experiences on up to 98 pages. The digital print photo book prints your photos with acid-free ink on a special premium paper. You can get digitally printed photo books with softcover or hardcover binding. If you want to use the full page count of the photo book options, a sturdy hardcover binding is definitely the best choice.