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Hardcover, softcover or premium layflat photo books in various formats.

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Upload photos from various devices (e.g. phone, laptop) into the configurator.


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Create a photo book online with the professional

Create the most beautiful photo book in the world online, quickly, and without technical know-how, whether it's holiday pictures, family celebrations, or everyday moments. No matter what size of photo book you prefer - whether a large photo book or a small photo book - with our personalized photo books, it's a breeze to capture your most precious memories and bring stories to life. The best part: Our over 100 professionally designed templates, created by our experts, offer the perfect design for any occasion. Get inspired and turn your photos into a true photo book masterpiece!

Premium Photobook or Digital Print Photobook? Our Photo Books types in comparison

Digital printing photobooks - our customers' favorite

When creating your perfect photo book, you have two high-quality photo book options to choose from: Our Premium Real Photo Book and the traditional Digital Print Photo Album. Photo books in digital print are the clear favorites of our customers and impress particularly with their versatility in design and lower costs while maintaining high image quality. Thanks to the sturdy adhesive binding, the digital photo book appears more stable and provides more flexibility with different covers like hard and softcovers. Our customers are especially excited about the option to enhance the cover with additional finishes in gold, silver, or rose gold foil. This gives you the opportunity to give your photo book that special touch. Our recommendation: choose the digital print photo book for precious everyday moments like annual retrospectives, family outings and celebrations, or your latest vacation.

Real photo books - when something truly special is desired

In contrast to the digital print photo book classic, our real photo books impress with outstanding image quality and sharpness. The reason lies in the printing technology: Unlike digital printing, where images are printed on conventional paper, the exposure on real photo paper ensures brilliant colors and special longevity. Furthermore, real photo books impress with their special tactile feel. Thanks to their slightly heavier grammage of 360g/m², the pages fit better in your hand, giving you a particularly pleasant feeling when flipping through the pages. Another highlight: In addition to the classic matte photo paper, you can also print your photos on glossy paper, making the colors more vibrant and your photos more lively. Our real photo books are also bound in the so-called layflat method. The advantage here is that the pages of the photo book lie completely flat when unfolded, so that a photo in the middle of the book is fully visible. This flat binding is especially suitable for panoramic images, as detailed and large images are displayed without loss of quality. Our recommendation: Choose real photo books for unique occasions such as weddings or anniversaries to properly honor the significance of these moments.

Create Photobooks - super easy with MYPOSTER

Creating photo books to your specifications

The question of how to create a photo book is the biggest challenge for many. What format and paper is the best, how can I easily insert my photos into a digital photo book? At MYPOSTER, we are happy to guide you step by step. Choose either our Blank Design and enjoy your creative freedom or use one of our professionally designed templates, that will assist you in the design of your photo book. Do you want to create a professional photo book easily and quickly? Then use our Photo Book Assistant, which will automatically fill your photo book with your personal photos and thus save you the work (by using an innovative and intelligent program). It doesn't matter if you create your photo book online or prefer to use a software. You can even design your photo book with the MYPOSTER photo book app. This way, you can create your very own photo book super flexibly and mega-easily.

Creating a photo book in just 3 steps

Choose one of our numerous templates or start completely from scratch with blank pages.

Next, select the appropriate format, number of pages, and book type.

Then upload your photos into the configurator and create your personalized photo book.

Need more tips on creating your photo book? Take a look at our online magazine: In our article "Creating a Photo Book for Beginners," you'll surely find some helpful tips for designing your photo book!

Design your individual photo book - Our photo book designs make it possible

If you're looking for ideas and inspiration for creating a photo book, you'll definitely find what you need in our extensive selection of photo book templates. Our design experts at MYPOSTER have provided over 100 really stylish photo book templates that can easily be customized in the online configurator. Here you'll find layouts, backgrounds, cliparts, shapes, and fonts that you can use to personalize our templates to your liking. Already have an idea in mind and want to get creative? Go ahead: simply select an empty template in our configurator and bring your own ideas to life.

Photo books for every occasion

No matter what type of photo book you want to create, with us you have countless design possibilities:

  • Wedding Photo Book: Create a memory album of your big day and gift a copy to friends and family.

  • Birthday Photo Book: Design a creative photo book that captures the major moments of your special day.

  • Personal Cookbook: Compile your best recipes in a uniquely designed cookbook.

More creative examples for personalized photo albums

Thanks to our numerous photo book options, you can let your creativity run wild. Create, for example, a unique wedding newspaper to make the wedding day even more personal for the bridal couple. Make a memory book of the school or daycare years and present it as a heartfelt gift to teachers or daycare staff. Or how about a self-designed picture book with funny motifs for your little one? Use our photo book formats to create a travel diary of your adventures, a yearbook full of memories, or a portfolio of your artistic works. With us, every occasion finds its perfect photo book – as unique as your experiences.


Whether it's a XXL photo book or a size smaller – you will find the right size with us.

Our photobook range leaves nothing to be desired: From convenient small photobooks to impressive XXL formats. If you predominantly want to showcase portraits and vertical motifs, then it's best to choose a portrait photobook to emphasize the depth and size of your images. The landscape format is ideal for landscape shots, panoramas, and group photos as it highlights the width and context of the scene. If you plan to include texts and detailed images in your photobook, then an 8x11 photobook format is perfect. Want it to be modern and compact? Choose our square format, which allows you to showcase Instagram or retro images perfectly.

MYPOSTER offers it all – from photo booklets to softcover and hardcover options

We are happy to assist you in choosing the right photo book format:

  • Hardcover Photo Book: More than half of our customers order a classic hardcover photo book. It has a sturdy cover and is perfect for placing on a bookshelf.

  • Softcover Photo Book: Extremely lightweight with a flexible cover—these are the highlights of the softcover version, making it the ideal companion for on the go.

  • Photo Booklet: The photo booklet is our most affordable digital print album and holds up to 32 pages. It is often used for wedding newspapers or self-made magazines.

  • Photo Album: If you prefer to create your own photo album for inserting your photos, you will love our traditional photo albums. Print your best photo prints and Polaroid-style photos at MYPOSTER to complement it.

With the real photo book, you have the choice - glossy or matte

Many of our customers are pondering whether they should order a photo book with matte or glossy paper. While the ultimate decision depends on personal preferences, we can offer the following recommendation: Opt for a matte photo book to preserve your memories with style and elegance. The matte surface ensures glare-free viewing and minimizes fingerprints, ideal for flipping through your precious moments in any lighting conditions. For vibrant colors and impressive details that pop from every page, choose our glossy photo book. It enhances every color tone and detail, perfect for stunning landscapes and lively events.


Create unique photo books yourself in the MYPOSTER configurator

Design your photo book pages just the way you like. Use custom backgrounds, overlay your photos, add striking frames, or experiment with different fonts, color tones, and illustrations. Use our editing tools to give your photos a dreamy, nostalgic touch or a classic black-and-white look. Need more than our standard 24 pages? With a click, you can easily add pages in our configurator—up to 98 pages for real photo books and up to 156 pages for digital prints. Your creativity has no limits.

By the way, do you want to further enhance the quality of your photo books? With our elegant embellishments in gold, silver, or rose gold, your photo book will be a real eye-catcher.

Take your photo book design to the next level

You're not sure how to make the most out of your photo book? It is best to think at the beginning about how you want your photo book to be structured. In practice, both chronological ordering and the Storytelling method have proven successful with our customers. Arrange your photos either by the sequence of events or thematically to tell a story. Use headlines and short texts to provide context and to guide the reader through your book. Highlights and special moments can serve as chapter beginnings or turning points. This way, the viewer is led through your personal journey and your most beautiful moments are presented in their natural flow.

Further highlights of our Photo Books

A photo album for gluing in photos

We also offer a flexible photo album where you can easily glue in all your printed or exposed photos. Especially for family albums or annual reviews, you can easily create and lovingly customize them with memories such as postcards, theater tickets, stickers, or self-written texts. Simply print your pictures in the desired format with us and create your 100% individual photo album.

Our photo book test: convincing results

The quality of our wall art, posters, photo books, or photo prints has been recognized multiple times in recent years by photography experts and specialized magazines. This naturally makes us incredibly proud! Our photo books stand out in reviews for their high quality and craftsmanship, the countless design options available in our configurator, and a very good value for money. See for yourself and create your next photo book with MYPOSTER.

Right at the top: Truly elegant gift box

In our stylish gift boxes, your photo books will make an even better impression. Various designs, including seasonal motifs, are available in our shop. Want to purchase an elegant gift box? Simply add your photo book to the cart and click on one of the numerous gift boxes that appear in the overview.

Photo Books - Popular questions

How do I create a photo book?

  1. Choose a template or start with a blank page

  2. Select format, page number, and book type

  3. Upload photos

  4. Insert cliparts, backgrounds, quotes, and texts

  5. Review the photobook...done

How long does it take to make a photo book?

With our Photobook Assistant, your photobook will be ready in just a few minutes. Our algorithm calculates your perfect photobook from your images - all without any extra effort. So all you have to do at the end is take a quick look - simply super fast.

How many photos can fit on one page?

Typically, there is no limit to the number of photos on a single page. However, to avoid overwhelming the photobook, there are some recommendations based on the format and layout. For example, it is suggested to place 1-4 photos per page for an 6x8 or 8x8 album, 4-6 photos for an 8x11 photobook, and 6-10 photos for XXL formats.

What is better for a real photo book: matte or glossy paper?

If you want to show your photo book to many people, you should opt for a matte surface. It's less prone to fingerprints and reflects less. If you prefer photos with vibrant colors and lots of details, you should choose a photo book with glossy paper.

What is a Layflat photo book?

A Layflat photo book is a book where the pages can be fully opened, allowing the pages to lie flat on the table. The advantage of a Layflat photo book is that it provides a beautiful, complete image on the page. The pages are designed in a way that they no longer curl at the edges, but remain flat on the page. This allows the photos and images to be viewed better, as they are no longer interrupted by page edges.

What format should I choose for my photo book?

To determine the format that suits your needs best, take a look at the photos you want to include in the photo book. If you want to distribute multiple photos across the pages, simply choose the format that works best for you. If you mainly want to place only one photo on each page, then select a portrait-format photo book for predominantly portrait-oriented images, and a landscape-format photo book for landscape-oriented images.

How many pictures can fit in a photo book?

The number of photos depends on the format of the photo book and the size of the photos. There is no limit on the number of photos.

What is the maximum page count for my photo book?

In Digital-Print photo books, you can capture your memories on up to 156 pages. On the other hand, in Photo Books made from real photos, the number of pages is limited to 98 due to the thicker page thickness.

What file formats can I upload?

You can easily edit a PDF as a photo book in our configurator. In addition, formats in JPG, TIFF, PNG, and HEIC up to a size of 100MB can also be uploaded.

What resolution is necessary for images in the photo book?

With a pixel resolution of 150 dpi, good print results are already achieved. Optimal results, however, are to be expected with a pixel resolution of 300 dpi. If one of your image files should not have sufficient resolution, the photo book designer will automatically give you a hint in the form of a small red triangle with an exclamation mark.

Can I save my photo book and continue designing it at a later time?

As long as your customer account is active with us, you will find your saved photobooks in your account under "My Photobooks". Your created projects will remain available to you there indefinitely, allowing you to make changes or create new ones at any time.

Can I have my photo book wrapped as a gift?

Yes, you can also have our photo books gift wrapped. Our gift boxes come in different designs and look simply elegant. Simply add your photo book to the shopping cart and click on one of the many gift boxes. You will then receive your photo book as a gift.