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Handmade Frames - Framed prints

Our framed posters come in a wide range of print materials and frame styles to match any decor. Opt for the timeless elegance of wood frames or the modern sophistication of metal frames to enhance your space. Personalize your choice by selecting the perfect frame color and adding a mat in various sizes to create a beautifully tailored look for your home. Additionally, custom sizes are available to ensure the perfect fit for your print.

Wood Frame Black

Crafted in a sleek 0.79-inch-wide black wooden mount, this item will frame your image with understated elegance. Choose this frame to refresh your cherished images at home or stylishly encase your awards and certificates.

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Material: Poster

Frame: Black

Mat: Mat white

No mat

from $42.99

Production time 4 working days

Expedited shipping available

Silver Metal Frame

The aluminum frame outlines your motif with stylish shine in a square silver design, elegantly 0.39". wide. Crafted from high-quality custom-cut strips, the thin border can be directly used for your desired picture once it arrives at your home.

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Material: Poster

Frame: Square silver

Mat: Mat white

No mat

from $42.99

Production time 4 working days

Expedited shipping available

Nielsen Designboard

Dimensions and scope of delivery

Arrange your canvas, acrylic print, metal print, foam board poster, or framed poster professionally on the elegant Nielsen Design wall board! Your picture can be beautifully decorated on the silver-matte aluminum strip together with other items or additional pictures.

Fits the following products

The 23.62 in. wide and 3.15 in. deep Nielsen Design board is the guarantee for your flexible decoration ideas.


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Custom framed photo prints

Get your pictures professionally framed

At MYPOSTER, things are as usual a bit easier. Because here, you can have your pictures framed online right away. Who doesn't know this: first you have your favorite pictures printed online, then you quickly buy a suitable frame and put everything together. All you have to do is choose your desired material and then select the appropriate frame. You have to do this multiple times because a little piece of lint always manages to sneak between the picture and the glass. Finally, the framed pictures are hung on the wall, hoping that everything fits as imagined. The final step, framing the picture, is best left to us.

Posters with frames: Our quality promise

If you want to order a poster with a frame, you can be sure that at MYPOSTER, you will benefit from the highest quality standards. For the framed posters, we use, for example, 8.5oz heavy premium photo paper, specifically designed for poster digital printing.Your poster receives extra protection against environmental influences and scratches with various laminations (matte or glossy) that you can add. Additionally, all posters are printed with environmentally friendly solvent-free ink.As for the frames, our wood and metal frames are produced in-house. This allows us to provide you with your custom size.All framed posters come with interchangeable frames. This means you can later place a different poster in the frame if you wish.

You have the choice - Framed prints

If you want to order a photo with a frame, you have a variety of options to choose from with us. Not every picture fits every frame, as different frames of various sizes each bring their own character to the image. A slim frame tends to stay in the background, subtly enhancing the framed picture. On the other hand, a wider frame can make a bold statement and give the framed picture an elegant touch. The color of the frame can complement the picture and even have a dramatic effect on the impact of the wall art. See for yourself and try out the MYPOSTER frame designer to discover which best-selling frame suits your picture the most.

Order framed photos

If you have designed your photos with frames online, you can then proceed to order your finished framed pictures. After placing your order, your designs will be printed and cut as high-quality pictures. The finished image will then be connected with the appropriate and tailor-made frame to become a complete piece of art - the perfect framed picture! Additionally, during production, your framed pictures go through several quality checks, including one final check before being packaged in a secure and protective specialized packaging for shipping. Once your framed picture is handed over to one of our shipping partners, you will receive a tracking link. This link allows you to check the delivery status of your package with the picture at any time.

Framed prints - Popular questions

How can I frame a picture?

Simply choose the appropriate frame for your picture during the design process. In our frame designer, you can even try for yourself which frame suits your picture best.

How much does it cost to frame a picture?

When you frame a picture with us, you only pay for the frame and the picture. The price includes the process of framing a picture.

What types of frames are available?

When it comes to frames at MYPOSTER, you have the agony of choice. Wood frames or metal frames: you decide what appeals to you the most. You can also have your picture framed with a mat board.

Production and shipping


We print your designs with high-quality precision printing systems that achieve excellent results through continuous color management. Even large format designs are perfectly executed with a printing sharpness of up to 1,440 dpi.If the design cannot be enlarged for printed images due to insufficient resolution, you will receive a corresponding notice during the design process in the product designer.After the photo printing, the CNC cutting machine precisely cuts the finished print to the desired size.For example, canvases are stretched to the nearest millimeter on our high-quality Perfect Frame stretcher bars from our own workshop.Additional necessary finishing touches, such as edge polishing for glass pictures or laminating large posters, are implemented using state-of-the-art technology without compromising the maximum brilliance of your images.


Our employees ensure reliable shipping, from packaging to delivery. We want your ordered product to arrive safely at your place. Your photo is carefully packed in special boxes at our shipping station, which provide ideal protection. Especially large formats receive an individual, machine-made cardboard packaging. We hand over your delivery as an insured package to one of our premium shipping partners. As soon as your photo leaves our production, you will receive an email from us with a tracking code. This code allows you to easily track its current location.


Trust us, based on our seals of excellence awarded to us and our Truspilot reviews by thousands of enthusiastic customers.

Upload your image and select the desired options in the product designer. Your complete data is transmitted encrypted and always treated confidentially by us. After receiving your order, we take care of its implementation and secure shipping to you. Your ordered image product undergoes regular and rigorous quality control during production and also finally after completion. The shipping packaging specifically tailored to your product ensures that your order arrives undamaged and with the same quality to you.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your product. If the quality of your product has been compromised despite all precautions, please contact our customer service. We combine high-quality materials with the best craftsmanship and environmentally friendly production processes, standing by our commitment to the highest quality standards. With over 4,000,000 products sold.