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Your Alu-Dibond Brushed image is suitable for outdoor use as a direct print.

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Unique metallic look achieved by printing on brushed aluminum.


Environmentally friendly materials: Good for the environment and good for you.

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More formats

Brushed Metal Prints

With an Alu Dibond Brushed direct print, you can experience your pictures in a shiny metal look. With Butlerfinish® printing, white parts are omitted, revealing the brushed Alu Dibond. This gives your motif an extraordinary metallic look. If you want to emphasise your motif even more, have it framed in a shadow gap frame or in an Artbox.

Our Swiss precision printing system with a maximum print resolution of 1,440 dpi and 4 independent calibration sensors ensures an unrivalled print image in the direct printing process. Butlerfinish® prints are extremely durable and are also suitable for outdoor use without a frame, e.g. as outdoor decorations or signs. Be inspired by the extraordinary style of your motif on brushed aluminium Dibond!


Brushed Metal Prints / Butlerfinish®

When it comes to Alu-Dibond Brushed, also known as Butlerfinish, we print your design on brushed aluminum Dibond. The white parts of the design are not printed, but retain their distinct metallic look. Discover aluminum shine in a new dimension!

from $69.99

Production Time: 5 Working Days

Other metal Print Options

Metal Prints direct printing

Your image will be printed on white Alu-Dibond, in contrast to Alu-Dibond Brushed. The printing technique is the same, resulting in a high-resolution metallic matte appearance.

from $57.99

Production Time: 3 Working Days

Expedited Shipping Available

Photo Print on Aluminium Backing matte lamination

When choosing Fineart matte, your image will be printed as a photo, then laminated, and finally mounted on Alu-Dibond. There is no Fineart option available for Alu-Dibond Brushed, as the brushed look can only be achieved through direct printing.

from $62.99

Production Time: 5 Working Days

Photo Print on Aluminium Backing glossy lamination

Your design will be printed on premium photo paper, sealed with a glossy lamination, and finally mounted on Alu-Dibond. The glossy lamination also protects your Alu-Dibond from environmental influences, such as UV light, scratches, and splashing water.

from $62.99

Production Time: 5 Working Days

Framed Metal Prints

Floating frame

A subtle yet elegant floating frame enhances your prints, from foam board posters to acrylic prints, making them shine. The 0.31-inch wide gap edge creates an impressive sense of depth. The understated floating frame Nature perfectly complements the cozy atmosphere of your living spaces.

More product information

Material: Metal print

Artbox: Nature

Shadow gap: Nature

from $82.99

Production time 4 working days


Metal Hanger Set S

Dimensions and scope of delivery

The metal hangers come with a self-adhesive layer and can easily be attached to the back of panel products such as Forex prints, acrylic prints, or Alu Dibond.

Fits the following products

The small metal hanger set consists of 2 metal hangers (dimensions: 2x2) with a loop and 2 spacer pads. They are perfect for products measuring less than 24''.


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More information about Brushed Metal Prints

The versatility champion: Metal prints

The metalic printing originally comes from the advertising industry, which is why the printing of Metal signs is very popular. However, nowadays the scope of application goes far beyond commercial use. Because Metal Prints are now indispensable in the private sector as well. Whether you want to design your wall images as Metal Prints in the living room, or hang Metal Prints in the bathroom - the possible uses are very diverse. Even if you are looking for outdoor wall images, you are on the safe side with Alu Dibond. Thanks to their high resistance, Brushed Metal prints are also ideal for outdoor applications.

Printing Metal pictures

For our Metal Wall Art we use Original Alu-Dibond Digital® or Alu Dibond Butlerfinish®. These specially developed for digital printing Metal panels consist of a black polyethylene core, coated with aluminum on top and bottom. This aluminum layer is either white or in a special Butlerfinish®. Butlerfinish refers to a silver-metallic look with a brushed surface. The combination of these materials results in the typical and visually very appealing black side edge.

Our Metal Printing process

Thanks to our Swiss precision printing system, with a maximum print sharpness of 1,440 dpi and 4 independent calibration sensors, we achieve a print quality that is unparalleled for your Metal Prints. Continuous color management is particularly important to us to ensure the color accuracy of your Metal prints. In direct printing, the white parts of your design are not printed, preserving the ivory shine of the Metalic prints and adding that special touch. Another advantage of direct prints is their high durability. Thanks to UV printing, Brushed Metal Prints can also be used as outdoor wall art.

Fineart for your Metal Prints

With our Fineart products, we first print your image as a photo using our 12-color large format printer on 250g heavy HP photo paper. The image is then laminated with a matte or glossy finish.The laminated photos are then mounted on Alu-Dibond panels. Finearts combine the brilliance of photos with the elegance of aluminum material. The coated photo paper brings out even the smallest nuances of the motif perfectly. This manufacturing technique is suitable for detailed shots, extreme details, and motifs with varying light conditions.The Alu-Dibond acts as both reinforcement and enhancement, allowing your photo to unfold completely without a frame.

Applications for Alu-Dibond

No matter if you need Metalic pictures in big format, or if you are looking for a smaller version - at MYPOSTER we offer you the full flexibility of picture sizes. Many of our customers also use the individual formats and use Metal direct prints as custom-made kitchen backslashes or as room dividers. This way, your creativity has no limit and you can have your Metal printed - with your motif according to your wishes & dimensions!

Testing Metal Prints: Excellent Results

Not only do our customers find the MYPOSTER metal pictures excellent, but photo magazines and experts also share this opinion and have awarded our wall pictures with excellent ratings. See for yourself and order your favorite motif on metal to your desired size. We take care of the professional printing of your masterpiece!

Production and shipping


We print your designs using high-quality precision printing machines that achieve excellent results through continuous color management. Even large format requirements are perfectly implemented with a printing sharpness of up to 1,440 dpi. If the design cannot be enlarged for printed images due to insufficient resolution, you will receive a corresponding message during the design process in the product designer. After printing the photos, the CNC cutting machine precisely cuts the finished print to the desired size. For instance, canvases are stretched to millimeter precision on our high-quality Perfect Frame stretcher frames from our own workshop. Any necessary finishing touches depending on your selection, such as edge polishing for glass prints or laminating giant posters, are carried out using state-of-the-art technology, all while maintaining the maximum brilliance of your images.


We want your ordered product to arrive safely at your doorstep. To ensure this, our employees take care of a reliable shipping process, from packaging to delivery. Your artwork is carefully packed in specialized boxes at our shipping station to provide ideal protection. Especially large formats receive a custom, machine-made cardboard packaging. Your delivery is handed over as an insured package to one of our premium shipping partners. As soon as your artwork leaves our production facility, you will receive an email from us with a tracking code, allowing you to keep track of its current location at all times.


Upload your image and select the desired options in the product designer. Your complete data is securely transmitted and always treated confidentially by us. Upon receipt of your order, we take care of its implementation and secure shipping to you. Your ordered image product undergoes regular and strict quality control during production and also finally after completion. The shipping packaging specially tailored to your product ensures that your order arrives undamaged and with the same quality.

Trust us and the eKomi Gold Seal, the certification awarded to MYPOSTER by thousands of satisfied customers.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your product. To achieve this, we combine high-quality materials with excellent craftsmanship and environmentally friendly production processes. With over 4,000,000 products sold, our commitment to the highest quality standards is evident. If the quality of your product has been compromised despite all precautions, please contact our customer service.