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Order custom wall art in your desired size: more than standard.

Luminous motifs

Perfectly showcase your pictures by placing them in front of windows and light sources.


Our latex printing is light-resistant and splash-proof.

Cross-device upload

Upload photos from various devices (e.g. mobile phone, laptop) into the configurator.


Environmentally friendly materials: Good for the environment and good for you.

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More formats

Backlit Film

Bring your image to life with our Backlit Film! Backlits are not only suitable for advertising purposes, but also perfect for personal use. The photo printing on 285 g/m2 heavy, light-transmitting backlit lightbox film brings out the color brilliance of your photo exceptionally well. The printing is done using latex printing technology and is UV-resistant and splash-proof. Put your image in the spotlight: especially in translucent places like windows or doors, as a privacy screen or illuminated with alternative light sources - for example, as a lampshade - the light pictures become eye-catching.


Your photo as Backlit Film

Your favorite picture on backlit film in the format of your choice. In the best photo quality with perfect light transmittance.

from $36.99

Production Time: 4 Working Days


Adhesive Film transparent

The translucent adhesive film is a versatile product: durable, dirt, and water resistant. Perfect for application on windows and glass, these transparent films allow white areas from your file to remain transparent.

from $36.99

Production Time: 3 Working Days


Nylon Fine Knit Gloves

Dimensions and scope of delivery

With the seamless fine-knit nylon gloves, you smooth out your adhesive film or your photo wallpaper neatly and smoothly.

Fits the following products

The gloves that are pleasant to wear are extra lint-free, easy to wash, and reusable.


excl. TAX plus shipping

Expedited shipping available

More information on Backlit Film

What is a Backlit?

Backlit translates as "backlit" and means that light shines through a medium from behind. This describes the property that the surface of the film is translucent and means that light shines through a medium from behind. The term "translucent" is also often used, especially when it comes to films. is translucent, i.e. quasi transparent, which can create the effect of luminous images.

Material & Print of your Backlit-Film

Our backlit films are not self-adhesive, which allows you to flexibly exchange their individual designs. They are 285 g/m2 in weight, making them a bit thicker than posters. Our backlit film is printed using a latex printing process, making them UV resistant and splash-proof.

Backlit Film applications - Illuminated images

Our backlit film has been specially developed for use with lighting. We therefore recommend using the film in conjunction with a light source. Whether as an illuminated wall art with lightbox, as a creative privacy screen, innovative window decoration or as an original lampshade - backlit films can be used in a variety of ways. Using LED strips, backlit films can also be beautifully and cost-effectively illuminated on the wall without a frame. Unlike a traditional canvas print, illuminated wall art belongs more to the extraordinary design elements.

Our backlit formats for your light picture

Besides the classic DIN formats commonly used for backlit prints, you can order your backlit film in any custom size. Additionally, the product designer allows you to create up to 16-piece backlit prints from a single design, as well as round or heart-shaped light-up images. Let your creativity flow freely and explore the diverse options available in our product designer for creatively designing your illuminated pictures.

Production of backlit film

After placing your order, it will be sent directly to our latex printer. Your design will be printed on the backlit film. Next, the printed film will go to our automatic cutting machine where it will be precisely cut. After a quality check of the print and cut, your image will be sent to the shipping station. Finally, your backlit image will be packed and shipped using one of our premium shipping providers. You will automatically receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking link so you can track your shipment at any time.

Production and shipping


We print your designs using high-quality precision printing equipment that achieves excellent results through continuous color management. Even large-scale designs are perfectly executed with a printing resolution of up to 1,440 dpi. If the design cannot be enlarged for printed images due to insufficient resolution, you will receive a corresponding notification during the design process in the product designer. After the photo printing, the CNC cutting machine precisely cuts the finished print to the desired size. Canvases, for example, are meticulously stretched to the exact size using our high-quality Perfect Frame stretcher bars from our own workshop. Any necessary post-processing, such as edge polishing for glass prints or laminating giant posters, is carried out using state-of-the-art technology while maintaining the highest possible brilliance of your images.


We want your ordered product to arrive safely at your place. Our employees take care of a reliable shipping process, from packaging to delivery. Your photo will be carefully packed in special cardboard boxes at our shipping station, ensuring ideal protection. Particularly large formats will receive a customized, machine-made cardboard packaging. We hand over your delivery as an insured package to one of our premium shipping partners. Once your photo leaves our production, you will receive an email from us with a tracking code, allowing you to easily track its current location.


Upload your image and select your desired options in the product designer. Your complete data is transmitted encrypted and always treated confidentially by us. After receiving your order, we take care of its implementation and secure shipment to you. Your ordered image product undergoes a regular and strict quality control during production and also at the final stage after completion. The shipping packaging, specially tailored to your product, ensures that your order arrives undamaged and with the same quality.

Trust us and the eKomi Gold Seal, the evaluation certificate awarded to MYPOSTER by thousands of delighted customers.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your product. We combine high-quality materials with excellent workmanship and environmentally friendly production processes. With over 4,000,000 products sold, our commitment to the highest quality standards is evident. If the quality of your product has been compromised despite all precautions, please contact our customer service.