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Canvas prints

Capture your most cherished memories with MYPOSTER’s stunning canvas prints. Our 8-color digital printing technology ensures long-lasting prints and vivid colors. Our handmade 1" or 1.5" wide stretcher frames ensure that the canvas stays in shape over time. Our canvas prints are available in over 30 standard sizes, ensuring you find the perfect fit for any space in your home. Additionally, we offer custom sizes tailored to your specific needs, allowing you to create a canvas that seamlessly integrates with your home decor.

Custom Canvas Prints

Canvas Print with 1" Stretcher Frame

Your photo on canvas in top quality! Choose your format and enjoy vibrant colors and sharp details, stretched on a 1" thick stretcher frame.

from $61.99

Production Time: 3 Working Days

Expedited Shipping Available

Canvas Print with 1.5" Stretcher Frame

Get your photo printed on canvas and stretched onto a 1.5-inch thick stretcher frame. Enjoy a premium quality canvas with a stunning gallery effect!

from $69.99

Production Time: 3 Working Days

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Nielsen Designboard

Dimensions and scope of delivery

Arrange your canvas, acrylic print, metal print, foam board poster, or framed poster professionally on the elegant Nielsen Design wall board! Your picture can be beautifully decorated on the silver-matte aluminum strip together with other items or additional pictures.

Fits the following products

The 23.62 in. wide and 3.15 in. deep Nielsen Design board is the guarantee for your flexible decoration ideas.


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Canvas prints: Excellence in every detail

Your photo canvas is crafted using our advanced technology and professional color management. This ensures that even large photo canvases, up to 24x36, are printed sharply, with every detail and color of your image perfectly reproduced. Your photo on canvas will retain its original colors for years. Our framing process also sets us apart. With our unique Perfect Frame stretcher frames, your photo canvas always remains flawlessly taut over time.

Canvas Printing - As Unique as You

At MYPOSTER, you can create your perfect canvas print just the way you envision it. Simply upload your image and customize it in our easy-to-use configurator. Additionally, choose the outer edge for your photo canvas: most of our customers prefer a mirrored edge, so we have set this as the default option in our configurator. However, you can also customize your desired design with a gallery wrapped or colored edge. With our preview mode, you can see the different options on your screen before placing your order. This way, surprises are avoided, and you get a clear impression of the final result. Order your first photo on canvas with us, and your unique artwork will be just a few clicks away.

Why choose a canvas print for your photo?

Do you want to immortalize your favorite motif as a wall mural? There are many reasons to choose canvas prints: they offer a unique and authentic representation with their natural texture, which is superior to traditional posters or photo prints. Unlike smooth surfaces such as acrylic prints or metal prints, photos on canvas have an appealing and artistic look that adds a cozy atmosphere to any room. They are resilient and less prone to scratches or fading, ensuring that you will enjoy your artwork for a long time. Additionally, a canvas print can be hung without a frame, offering various presentation possibilities. Display it as a single large artwork or as a collage of multiple pictures, according to your preferences and space requirements.

Explore Our Photo Canvas Options

Edge designs for your canvas prints

At MYPOSTER, you can also customize the edge of your canvas printing. Choose from the following options:

  • Mirrored edge: The outer edges of the image are mirrored and stretched around the frame, ensuring that none of your image is lost.

  • Gallery wrapped edge: Like a traditional canvas painting, the edges of your image are stretched around the frame, with parts of the motif extending over the edges of the frame.

  • Colored edge: Customize the color of the edge with your desired shade and give your canvas print that special touch.

Standard sizes and custom canvas

With us, it's not just about images; it's about finding the perfect fit for your unique memories. Therefore, we offer our canvas prints in over 100 different sizes. From square formats like a 12x12 canvas to customer favorites like the 10x14 or 20x30 photo canvas, and even large canvas prints like 24x36, you'll find a variety of options to design your canvas photos exactly as you envision. Looking for something truly unique? Then MYPOSTER is the perfect choice for you. Custom canvas prints are our specialty! Simply select the "Custom Size" option in our online configurator, and we will print your photo canvas to meet your needs. Good to know: when you upload your image, our configurator automatically suggests a format that is optimal for the aspect ratio and resolution of your original photo.

Canvas photo collage

A canvas collage is the perfect choice if you want to combine multiple images into one picture to tell a story, capture a memory, or create an artistic representation. With our MYPOSTER Collage Designer, you can easily create your own photo collage on canvas. Choose from numerous design templates or start with a blank page and arrange as many pictures as you like. Customize your collage by changing the background, adding headings, quotes, or memories as text fields, and using our design elements to give it more individuality. Did you know that besides traditional canvas collages, you can also order multi-panel canvases, like our 3-piece wall art, from us? Simply select the "Multi-panel" option in our configurator under the "Images" tab.

Spotlight on style: Frames for your canvas prints

Our canvas stretcher frames: Handcrafted in our carpentry workshop

Our canvas prints always stay perfectly taut, thanks to our unique Perfect Frame stretcher frames, which are unmatched in the market. The extremely sturdy MDF wood of our stretcher frames, sourced from sustainable forestry, prevents your canvas from warping. They are precision-made to your desired size in our in-house carpentry workshop. Additionally, our photo canvas frames have a minimum thickness of 1", and can even be ordered 1.5" thick upon request. This makes MYPOSTER photo canvas prints much more stable than the usual 0.75" frames from other manufacturers, giving your photo on canvas a true gallery effect. The careful hand-stretching of your masterpiece is then carried out by our professionals in the framing workshop.

Your canvas prints in premium floating frames

If you want to give your room a special touch, a canvas print in a floating frame might be just what you need. Whether it's for your living room, bedroom, or entryway, the unique design of the floating canvas frame perfectly adjusts to the size and depth of your canvas printing, bringing a gallery-quality effect to your walls. Unlike traditional frames, a small gap is left between the canvas and the frame, making the picture appear as if it's floating within the frame. This gives your canvas photo a three-dimensional look. Elevate your home’s ambiance with this sophisticated, modern framing option that not only highlights your artwork but also enhances the overall aesthetic of your space.

Our Photo Canvas Extras

Customize your canvas print: Easy photo editing in our configurator

Easily adjust the style of your photos with our online filters. Looking for a vintage look for your photos? Try our sepia or black-and-white filter, specially designed for portraits and high-contrast photos. If you have doubts about the sharpness of your photos, our sharpening filter ensures results tailored to your chosen print format. Our design configurator also offers an automatic photo enhancement system that allows you to improve your photos with just one click. Once you upload your photo, simply click on "Optimize Photo" to see a preview of the enhanced image and then print it on canvas in improved quality. Additionally, our automatic photo correction tool lets you fix red-eye, intensify colors, sharpen outlines, and adjust brightness.

Perfect accessories: Hanging sets for your canvas prints

No matter what size custom canvas you want to hang, you’re definitely on the safe side with our Fischer Screws + Dowels Set. This set allows you to easily and securely mount your canvas print at the desired location on the wall, even in challenging wall conditions. For those who prefer a more modern look, we recommend our Nielsen Design Shelf, which allows you to beautifully decorate your walls. For more inspiration on how to perfectly showcase your wall art, visit our Accessories Shop.

Eco-friendly canvas prints: Our commitment to sustainability

At MYPOSTER, we take sustainability seriously. That's why we don't cut down any additional trees for our canvas prints. Our stretcher frames are made from untreated MDF wood sourced from existing stocks in the timber industry. Additionally, our canvases, specially designed for digital printing, are printed using UV-resistant, 100% environmentally friendly latex ink. This ensures optimal color quality while promoting sustainable production practices.

Top Picks: Best canvas prints for your photos

We don't just claim that you'll always get top-quality photo prints with us; regular awards from photo magazines and experts prove it. MYPOSTER's photo canvases consistently rank at the forefront. Whether it's a budget tip or a quality recommendation, independent experts highlight the advantages of our canvas printing. With MYPOSTER, you can be confident that you're getting your print on canvas affordably and with top-notch quality. See the difference for yourself.

Choosing the perfect motifs for stunning canvas prints

Canvas prints offer a unique and premium aesthetic that presents your photos in an artistic way. The following types of images are particularly well-suited for canvas pictures:

  • Portraits: The gentle texture of canvas lends a natural and warm feel to portrait photos, enhancing the personality of the subject.

  • Artistic Photography: Abstract, artistic, and creative photographs are well-suited for canvas prints. The texture and depth of the canvas accentuate the artistic elements of the image, adding an extra dimension.

  • Landscape Photography: Vast landscapes, impressive natural scenery, and atmospheric sunsets are enhanced by the natural texture of canvas, adding depth and atmosphere.

  • Typography on Canvas: Are you a fan of typography? A special quote or life motto printed on a high-quality canvas can add a unique mood to a room.

Creating artistic canvas pictures

Not only do photographs and art prints look great on canvas, but here are some additional inspirations for a canvas print that will catch everyone's eye. How about a Fingerprint Tree for a wedding? Create a photo canvas with a tree motif where the fingerprints of friends and family can be added as leaves. A magnetic photo canvas is a creative way to organize your daily life. Attach magnetic material to the back of a photo canvas and use it as a magnetic memo board or photo holder. Looking for a creative farewell gift after school or nursery? Print a canvas with the most beautiful memories or pictures of the children and add anecdotes or wishes as text. This makes for a heartfelt and unique farewell gift.

Canvas Prints - Popular questions

What resolution does my photo need for a canvas print?

For best results, we recommend a minimum of 150 dpi (dots per inch).

What file formats can I upload?

You can upload image files (JPG, TIF, PNG or PDF) up to a maximum size of 100 MB on the MYPOSTER website.

How can I insert text on my canvas?

Create a photo collage on canvas using our super easy Collage Designer. Upload one or more favorite photos and customize them with personal text as well as matching cliparts or borders. Insert the link to get started.

How do you best hang canvases?

On the back of our canvases, there is a groove for hanging the canvas using steel nails or angle hooks. For a perfect grip, we recommend our Fischer screw and dowel set. You can enhance the decorative aspect by showcasing your canvas with the Nielsen Design Board. During the ordering process, we automatically offer you the matching accessories.

Will the photo canvas be printed on the sides as well?

Yes, you can decide whether the motif should be stretched around the frame or if the edges of the motif should be mirrored. Alternatively, you can also color the sides of your motif to give your photo canvas a special touch.

Can I hang my canvas photo outside?

No, that is not recommended. The properties of the photo canvas are not suitable for outdoor use and it can absorb moisture, fade, become porous, or get damaged. If you want to use your photo outdoors, we recommend our prints on Alu-Dibond or alternatively on acrylic glass.

How is my photo canvas printed?

Printing your canvas will be solvent-free, environmentally friendly, and odorless on a canvas fabric specially coated for digital printing.

How do I care for my canvas print?

Properly caring for and cleaning a canvas print is crucial to maintaining the quality and longevity of your artwork. Avoid direct sunlight and only hang your picture on canvas in dry rooms. To clean your canvas, gently use a dry, soft cloth to remove loose particles and dust.