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Choose your favorite photos and create a unique collage with us - using any number of images and a variety of layouts. Background colors, personal texts, and many other design elements can easily be added in the configurator, and when it comes to materials, you can design everything to your taste: Order your photos on canvas prints, metal prints or acrylic prints and optionally directly in the matching frame. The brilliant colors will definitely inspire you. Create your unique picture collage now!

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Create your personalized collage print

A picture is worth a thousand words - but a photo collage? That tells entire stories! With MYPOSTER you can now easily create your individual collage and design your own stories. Our wide range of design templates offers the right thing for every taste and occasion - whether romantic and playful, modern and minimalist or classically elegant. Simply choose your favorite template and add your personal pictures - it's easy and requires no prior knowledge or technical skills, so you can not only easily create your photo collage, it's also a lot of fun! And with our selection of high-quality materials, you're guaranteed to find the perfect combination to show off your pictures to their best advantage. Make your photos speak and give every room your own personal touch - with a photo collage from MYPOSTER.


The perfect photo collage template for any occasion

Get creative and design a photo collage for any occasion: make the birthday boy or girl shine with a birthday photo collage full of memories from years gone by, perfect for the living room or children's room to celebrate the special moments in life. Capture the magical moments of your big day for eternity with a wedding photo collage to decorate your bedroom or living room. Our love collage shows your loved ones how much they mean to you - and not just on Valentine's Day. This lovingly designed collage brings romance into your home and makes hearts beat faster. Spread festive cheer with a personalized Christmas photo collage and give the gift of memories. Surprise grandma and grandpa with a collage of the best photos of their grandchildren. Discover many more collage ideas and put your pictures together online to create a masterpiece: celebrate baby's first year, the highlights of your last trip, unforgettable memories with your friends or design a creative review of the year with a unique photo collage.

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Find the perfect combination of design and material for your photo collage

The selection of the right material is crucial to create the desired ambiance and showcase your collage to its best advantage. Canvas prints are particularly suitable for landscape shots, abstract artworks, and artistic photographs. These motifs gain an additional dimension due to the natural texture of the canvas. Acrylic glass prints are ideal for motifs that require a clear and brilliant display. Colors are rendered particularly vividly due to the smooth surface of the acrylic glass, making them perfect for high-quality photographs, portraits, and modern artworks. Acrylic glass prints work especially well in well-lit spaces like living rooms or offices. Collages of landscape shots or architectural photographs stand out particularly well on Metal prints as the material offers a matte surface and high color fidelity. Metal print is also suitable for use in damp areas such as bathrooms and kitchens due to its robust nature, being waterproof and wipeable. Poster prints are versatile and are chosen for decorating living rooms, bedrooms, children's and teenagers' rooms due to their lightness and affordability.



Creating a photo collage - super easy, super personalized

If you want to create a collage quickly and easily but do not know how or lack inspiration, then you have come to the right place at MYPOSTER. You can create your photo collage online or with our app (available for iPhone and Android). Enjoy maximum flexibility with our MYPOSTER Collage Maker. Choose your favorite layout for your photo collage in our configurator and customize it to your liking - add as many photos as you like, change the background color, frames, or fonts, add custom texts, or enhance your collage with creative cliparts. Use our image optimization tools and numerous filters to make the most out of your images.


How can I create a collage?

  1. Choose one of our numerous Collage Templates or start with a blank design to personalize it

  2. Choose the right format and material on which you want to print your collage (poster, canvas, framed photo, acrylic, glass, aluminum Dibond, Gallery Bond, promotional canvas...)

  3. Upload your photos in the configurator

  4. Customize your collage with our Collage Maker: combine images as desired, add new text fields, or use our many design elements

  5. Expert Tip: We always recommend starting with the desired format in your preferred aspect ratio before you start designing the collage with layout and images.


Photo collage in frame

You want to create a photo collage and give your masterpiece the right frame? At MYPOSTER, you can find the perfect picture frame collage. Add a suitable frame made of wood, aluminum, or plastic in various designs in our collage designer, and you will receive a professionally and dust-free framed photo collage. Whether you prefer a classic wooden frame for a nostalgic look, an elegant aluminum frame for a modern touch, or a sturdy plastic frame for a practical solution - we have the right frame option for your photo collage. Our high-quality frames not only provide a stylish finish to your collage but also protect your pictures from dust and other environmental influences, ensuring your memories shine for a long time.


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Collages are therefore a popular choice

Printed photo collages are excellent for decorating your home, as meaningful gifts for your loved ones, or for hanging up on special occasions. Collages can tell stories by combining different moments or events in a composition, which can be more challenging to achieve with individual photo prints. They group images with a common theme in a clear and space-saving way. You can arrange the images in the collage to harmonize for presentation and visual impact, without being bound by fixed frames or sizes of individual photos. With the right tricks, you can create a photo collage that not only captures glances but also touches hearts. It grabs attention and tells a story or presents your best moments in an impressive manner.


How to merge pictures online

You can arrange photo collages in different ways:

  • Stylistic Collage: Design your photo collage according to a specific style or aesthetic, such as Vintage or Boho. Use filters or special layouts to achieve the desired style and create a cohesive atmosphere. For example, you can create a vintage collage with old family photos, faded colors, and nostalgic elements to evoke a sentimental mood.

  • Chronological Collage: Choose photos from different moments of your life and arrange them in chronological order. This way, you can relive your memories in their temporal sequence and see how they have evolved over time.

  • Thematic Collage: Create a collage with photos on a specific theme, such as vacation, wedding, birthday, or travel. Arrange the photos artistically to tell a visual story.


Creating the perfect photo collage - 5 tips

  1. Layout and format: Experiment with different formats, such as square, rectangular or even circular, to achieve the desired visual effect.

  2. Image selection: Don't use too many pictures so that the collage doesn't look overloaded. As a rule, collages work best with 5-10 images.

  3. Pay attention to proportions: Make sure that the proportions of the images in your collage match. Avoid enlarging or reducing images too much, as this can disrupt the overall picture. With different image sizes, place larger images in the background and smaller ones in the foreground.

  4. Color scheme: Pay attention to the color choice of your images to create a harmonious collage. Images with similar color palettes can go well together and create a cohesive look. You can also use color filters to give the images a consistent style.

  5. Texts: You can enrich a collage by adding additional information, quotes or a personal message. Use text sparingly and place it strategically. Choose legible fonts and appropriate text colors.

Photo Collage - Popular questions

What is a collage

A collage is an artistic technique where different images, materials, or objects are arranged and glued or attached to create a new artwork on a surface. Collages can consist of photos, newspaper clippings, texts, colors, or other elements.A photo collage is a special type of collage where only photographs are used and creatively assembled. This allows memories and events to be captured in a single image and tell whole stories.

Can I create a photo collage with many pictures?

At MYPOSTER you are maximally flexible. Whether you want to create a photo collage with 3 pictures, 12 pictures, or a photo collage with 100 pictures, all options are open to you thanks to our matching templates.

How can I create a photo collage?

  1. Choose one of our templates or a blank design

  2. Upload your pictures

  3. Choose format and material

  4. Review photo collage…done

What resolution should images have for a photo collage?

We recommend a minimum of 150 dpi (dots per inch) for a very good result and high-quality print.

What file formats can I upload?

We process the following pixel-based file formats up to a size of 100 MB: JPG, TIFF, PNG, and PDF.

How do I create a collage with text?

If you want to add more text boxes, simply click on the button with the large +T on the bottom right of our Collage Maker, next to your photo collage. Many of our collage templates already include text elements.

How can I arrange images in a collage?

Either manually arrange your images in our collage maker or choose 'auto-fill'. Our configurator will automatically create a photo collage with your photos.

How can I set a template?

With a click, you will enter our configurator where you only need to upload your own images. Simply choose one of our many themed templates.

How do I choose the format for my collage?

In our Collage Maker, you can adjust the format of your photo collage under the button "Size" on the right. We recommend setting the desired format with your preferred aspect ratio first before you start designing the collage with layouts and images.

How can I create a portrait-oriented collage?

Choose the desired size in the Collage Maker under "Size" on the right side after clicking on "Create Collage". For a portrait orientation, layouts such as 3:4, 2:3, or 1:2 are recommended.

Can I save my collage and continue editing it later?

You can save your collage at any time by using the "save in customer account" feature. This allows you to store it temporarily and continue working on it later. Simply create a customer account for this purpose. Your collage will be found in your customer account under "My Collages".

How long-lasting are photo collages?

If they are made from high-quality and durable materials such as canvas, acrylic glass, or aluminium composite panel, picture collages can last for many years. It depends on the materials used to create them.

What materials can I use for a collage?

You are extremely flexible when choosing materials. You can create collages not only on a classic canvas or poster, but also on acrylic glass, aluminum dibond, or gallery bond.