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Free collages

Create and download free collages.

Individual design

In the configurator, you can place and customize everything to your liking.

Any number of photos

Combine as many pictures as you want for your collage.

Many templates

Get creative with our free collage templates!

No watermark

Free download without watermark on your collage.


Collage Maker - take 15% discount with you: Discount code*: COLLAGE-15 Create collages - without any software! You can simply design the layout yourself or base it on one of our collage templates on various themes. Load as many pictures as you like into the collage maker and arrange your photos in the way that suits you best. Of course, you can also freely adjust the background color.

1. Choose your pictures.

You can add new images under the section 'Images' using the 'Add Images' button. These images can come from various sources such as your computer, your MYPOSTER customer account, or via a link like from your smartphone. After adding the images, you are able to freely use and arrange them using the MYPOSTER Collage-Maker. This tool allows you to drag and drop images as well as use autofill for arrangement.

Choose your layout.

Combine as many images as you want in your desired format. You can freely determine the arrangement, move individual photos, enlarge them, and adjust the border thickness flexibly. It's best to try out different formats and templates. Depending on the theme, completely different layouts and formats can fit perfectly – and you can adjust the design as often as you like! When you display our grid, you can easily align your images to it.

3. The appropriate background.

To make your pictures stand out, it's important to have a suitable background. You can choose any color with us! You can go for a classic look with black or white, or you can experiment with different colors. It often looks good to use a color tone from your photos in the background or choose a contrasting color to make your pictures stand out even more. You can also add text in various fonts, and then you can download your finished collage for free. If you are happy with the result, we can print it for you on posters, canvas, acrylic glass, and more!