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Create a Photo Collage Heart online


Comes from the bottom of my heart: Your heart collage

Create photo collage heart online

The stylized heart has always been the symbol of love. That's exactly why it is used to express affection and should not be missing in declarations of love. Even though today you can quickly convey 'You are dear to me' with a small emoji, it's still worth putting in a little extra effort for the most important people in our lives. A compilation of photos from the relationship, the most beautiful moments in shared life will remind you and your loved one of your love for a long time. Especially when it should be something very special for Valentine's Day or your anniversary, a heart-shaped collage is best suited.
If you want a romantic photo collage for your partner that shouldn't be heart-shaped, we offer many other romantic Love collage templates or Wedding collages. Surely one of them will make your heart beat faster!

Creating a heart out of photos: Here's how!

Gone are the days when you had to struggle with slow photo programs! At MYPOSTER, you can not only choose from a variety of heart collage templates, but our configurator makes the entire design process easier. Let's start at the beginning: Above on this page, you will find our selection of heart templates for your collage. Be inspired by our designs and click on the one you like best. In the next step, you will land in our collage configurator. Here, you can easily add your photos and arrange them in the heart collage. With the Autofill function, you can even do this with just one click!

A photo heart as a collage

Are you satisfied with your heart-shaped photo collage? Next comes the material selection. Choose between poster, canvas, acrylic glass, forex, real glass, with or without frame, and much more! Did you know? MYPOSTER cares about the environment: We print your heart-shaped photo collage on high-quality materials with eco-friendly colors.
But what if not only the collage is heart-shaped, but the whole picture? That's when our photos in heart shape are just right.
Once the heart collage is configured, the final step is to add it to the cart and order it. Tip: With the express shipping option, your heart collage will arrive even faster.