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Individual design

In the configurator, you can place and customize everything according to your taste.

Any number of photos

Combine as many images as you like for your collage.

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Discover designs for every occasion, in many different styles.


We print your collage as a poster, canvas, acrylic glass print, and more!

Design a family collage simply

At our place, you will find a wide variety of beautifully designed templates to easily create your family photo collage. Just select your best photos, upload them to our configurator, and customize backgrounds, colors, texts, etc. according to your preferences. This process is completely intuitive with us. When it comes to printing, you have options with us: poster, canvas, acrylic glass, and more, with or without frames. Start creating your family collage now!






Mother's Day

Father's Day

48 of 50 designs

Family collage from MYPOSTER - individual and chic.

Design a family collage from our templates.

Before choosing the pictures for your family photo collage, it's best to take a look through our designs. Whether you want to showcase just one or two pictures beautifully or combine multiple motifs, we have the perfect template for you! Thanks to the intuitive interface, all of this can be done in just a few clicks. If you prefer to start without a template, that's also possible. Simply select a blank collage and customize it according to your preferences. In our configurator, you can further customize them by changing backgrounds and colors, adjusting and adding text, and integrating more images into the design. Either way, you'll end up with a 100% personalized family collage that will definitely make a statement on your wall. Upload your photos directly!


Customize family collage easily using our configurator.

If you want to delve deeper, our configurator offers you all the options. For example, you can customize backgrounds, colors, and layout in just a few clicks, make changes or additions to your images, and preview different materials. You can also easily add matching image elements and text elements in various sizes and fonts. Whether you prefer designing on your computer, smartphone, or tablet doesn't matter. You can easily save drafts in your customer account and flexibly continue working on them on all your devices. When you're done, it's best to choose a nice frame. In a few days, you can already hang your family collage on the wall at home!


Perfect for gifting - a family collage from us.

Our collages not only look great on your own walls, but they also make the perfect gift for family gatherings. Whether it's parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, or uncles, everyone in the family will be delighted by a well-crafted family photo collage. Whether you simply combine some family pictures, want to gift your wedding photos, or immortalize a shared vacation, you can still think about it. You'll definitely find a suitable design template for your theme among our selection. And if you want to add an extra photo, you can easily do so in the configurator. Another great advantage is that once you've designed it, you can gift your collage to all family members and have all the gifts ready for Christmas, for example. Who in your family would appreciate a family collage the most?

The right material for your family collage

We print your family collage on the material of your choice - Poster, Canvas, Acrylic Glass, Gallery Bond, or maybe Forex. And if you like, your family collage can arrive already framed. This way, you can hang it on the wall as soon as it arrives. You can easily preview different materials and frames (including with matting) in the configurator. Choose your favorite combination and order your collage exactly the way you want it!