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Wedding Photo Books Templates: WEDDING


Wedding album ideas & templates at MYPOSTER

Your wedding photo book is something truly special – it should remind you and your family of the most beautiful moments of the day, even years later. Are you looking for a very special design? Let yourself be inspired by our diverse wedding templates. Enhance your memories with personalized texts in beautiful fonts of your choice. Your self-made "Wedding" photo book will make your hearts flutter again and again.

Designing an unforgettable wedding photo book: Here's how to do it!

When you create your wedding album with us, you have the option to either choose one of the lovingly designed templates as a first step or alternatively select the book type (e.g., premium photo book) or the format, depending on which aspect is most important to you. The wedding templates serve as a design aid that you can customize as you wish.

Tip: In addition to the photo book, you can also create your personalized wedding newspaper. This way, you can double the joy of your personal memories.

Creating your wedding photo book in a few easy steps

  1. Decide whether to choose a template first or start with the format, number of pages, and book type.

  2. Upload the photos for your wedding photo book into the configurator and fill the pages.

  3. Now you can personalize your wedding album with cliparts, quotes, and individual texts.

  4. You can also design the cover entirely according to your wishes.

  5. Once you are satisfied, complete the order, and your wedding photo book will be with you in no time!