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Acrylic prints

Experience unique depth and brilliant colors with an acrylic glass photo that will leave a lasting impression. You can order your photo as an acrylic glass direct print or opt for the acrylic glass fine art option, where we first print your motif on premium photo paper and then bond it with 0.16 inches thick acrylic glass. For added durability, choose the Gallery-Bond option, where your image is reinforced on the back with a sturdy aluminum Dibond plate. Our acrylic glass prints look exceptionally classy even without a frame, but you can also enhance yours with an elegant shadow gap frame or an Artbox.

BRAND NEW! Discover our new collages featuring cool design templates that are 100% customizable and available in all sizes and shapes.

Acrylic photo prints

Your photo as an Acrylic Photo Print

Our Acrylic Direct Print uses 6-color UV printing to enhance your image with remarkable color brilliance, high sharpness, and amazing depth perception, far surpassing the typical 4-color industry standard. In this process, your photo is printed directly onto the back of 0.16 inches thick acrylic glass, resulting in a stunning visual impact.

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Production Time: 4 Working Days

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Your photo as Fine Art Acrylic Print

For a fine art print on acrylic glass, your photo is first printed using state-of-the-art 12-color fine art printers on premium photo paper. This process ensures that every smallest detail and color nuance of your subject is perfectly reproduced. The photo print is then mounted with a 1/8 inch thick acrylic glass plate, resulting in a stunning, high-quality finish.

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Production Time: 4 Working Days

Expedited Shipping Available


Gallery Bond Fine Art with Acrylic Glass

Experience the ultimate presentation for your photo with our Gallery Bond, designed to reveal your image in its most beautiful light. The Gallery Bond features fine art printing on 0.08-inch Plexiglas, with an additional reinforced metal plate for enhanced stability and durability. This perfect symbiosis between the photo's brilliance and the acrylic's elegance is further elevated by the two-tone edges, creating a fascinating look. With a total thickness of 0.20 inches, this piece invites you to immerse yourself in an art gallery experience. Your Gallery Bond photo is a unique masterpiece, transforming your most beautiful photo into a timeless personal work of art. Discover more about our Gallery Bonds today.

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Production Time: 5 Working Days


Artbox Frame Nature

For a natural look with a warm feel, choose the Artbox Natur for printing your photos. The subtle natural wood frame creates a cozy atmosphere, adding brightness and warmth to your spaces. The Artbox Natur is available for various print types, including Acrylic Prints, Metal Prints, Foam Board Posters, and Gallery-Bond.

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Material: Acrylic print

Artbox: Nature

Shadow gap: Nature

from $124.09

Production time 4 working days

Metal Hanger Set S

Dimensions and scope of delivery

The metal hangers come with a self-adhesive layer and can easily be attached to the back of panel products such as Forex prints, acrylic prints, or Alu Dibond.

Fits the following products

The small metal hanger set consists of 2 metal hangers (dimensions: 2x2) with a loop and 2 spacer pads. They are perfect for products measuring less than 24''.


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Acrylic photo prints: the robust version for your pictures

Give your photos an impressive sense of depth with a photo on acrylic glass.

Acrylic glass is a hard, lightfast plastic sheet. It is just as clear and glossy as real glass, but extremely impact-resistant, lightweight and resilient. Acrylic glass is particularly suitable as a glass alternative for large formats. You can also hang directly printed acrylic glass photos (not fine art) in the bathroom or even outdoors. Information on the color profiles can be found in our help section. Good to know: For the production of our acrylic glass pictures we only use environmentally friendly brand materials without harmful substances.

Acrylic prints as decoration

Acrylic glass is one of the materials that can be used in a particularly wide range of decorative applications. Acrylic glass pictures can be used both indoors and outdoors. Printed with your favorite motif, acrylic pictures are suitable as a kitchen back wall, privacy screen or room divider. With individual acrylic glass photo lighting, you can showcase your motif in an extraordinary way. Photos on acrylic glass are also very popular in art galleries, for example. However, acrylic glass is not only suitable for private use, but also as a company or advertising sign. For outdoor use, we also offer the option in the product designer of providing the image with a corner hole so that you can mount it outdoors in a theft-proof manner.

Our acrylic direct printing

Printing pictures on acrylic glass: Fine art and direct printing

Fine art or direct printing - you should ask yourself this question if you want to print your photo on acrylic glass. Which is the better alternative depends on your specific requirements for the image. Both are high-quality production processes. To summarize: If you value extreme attention to detail and the highest possible brilliance, it is best to opt for fine art pictures. Direct prints impress with their rich colors, are weatherproof and even more resistant than fine art acrylic glass pictures.

Direct print acrylic glass pictures

For acrylic glass images that are produced using direct printing, high-quality acrylic glass is printed directly on the back with UV-resistant ink. The latest generation of precision printing equipment is used for this. This protects your photo from sunlight, moisture and other external influences. On the other hand, the colors and image details come into their own through the glass plate. The resistant acrylic glass photos in direct printing are also suitable for damp rooms (e.g. in the bathroom) and long-term outdoor applications or as a creative kitchen back wall indoors.

Acryl Fineart

With the acrylic fine art process, we first print your motif on a premium photo paper. This is then laminated behind 4 mm thick acrylic glass. The combination of both materials emphasizes every nuance of the motif, no matter how small, and makes the colors glow. This production technique is therefore particularly suitable for small-scale images, extreme details and motifs with differentiated lighting conditions. Photographers and galleries prefer fine art for their acrylic glass photos. If you want to give your image an even more sophisticated look, we recommend the "Gallery Bond" variant. The acrylic glass picture is additionally laminated onto Alu-Dibond.

Production of acrylic glass photos

After you have ordered your acrylic glass photo, your image is immediately forwarded to our production department. Depending on the order, your image will be printed directly on the back of the acrylic glass (direct printing) or first on photo paper and then laminated behind the acrylic sheet (fine art). Our CNC milling machine then cuts out your desired size to the exact millimeter. The edges are then polished to a high gloss. After a final quality check, your finished acrylic glass picture is sent to the dispatch station. To ensure that your photo on acrylic glass arrives in perfect condition, we pack it with protective corners and seal it. The acrylic glass photo is then sent to you in protective packaging specially developed for glass pictures.

Test results that speak for themselves: Photos on acrylic glass

Our murals are of excellent quality! We don't just claim this - the superb print quality and our service performance for acrylic glass photos have already been rated several times by photo magazines and experts. This makes us extremely proud and confirms us as a specialist for photo prints. Trust in our years of expertise and print your acrylic glass pictures at MYPOSTER.

Our acrylic prints - as individual as you are

Sizes of acrylic glass

As far as the size of your acrylic glass photo is concerned, you are completely flexible with MYPOSTER. Whether you want a small acrylic glass photo or a large acrylic glass photo: at MYPOSTER you can have your acrylic pictures as you prefer. Even acrylic panorama pictures or acrylic glass XXL formats are possible. The best thing: you can get special sizes at no extra charge. This means you can design the acrylic glass pictures as you wish and showcase your favorite motif perfectly.

Acrylic glass pictures for the bathroom

The durable acrylic glass photos with direct printing are particularly suitable in the bathroom, as the acrylic glass picture, unlike a canvas, is suitable for damp rooms. But it can also be used in other damp rooms or environments, such as for long-term outdoor applications or as a creative kitchen splashback. Printed with your favorite motif, acrylic glass is suitable as a classic wall mural, but also as a kitchen back wall, bathroom decoration, privacy screen or room divider.

Collage made of acrylic glass

Would you like to combine your best moments in an acrylic glass photo? Then create a photo collage from your best pictures and choose acrylic glass as the material. You already have an individual acrylic glass collage that will showcase your pictures in a very modern way.

Wall mounting for acrylic glass photos

Metal hangers for a secure hold of your acrylic glass images

Pictures made of acrylic glass belong to the category of panel prints. For this type of picture print, we recommend the metal hanger set, and for large format prints the premium aluminum gallery hanger. Both hangers are mounted on the back of the picture. In combination with plugs and screws, you can then securely attach your acrylic glass picture to any wall. This standard suspension with screw system is easy to install.

Alternative mounting options

One variant that is often used for company signs is to drill holes in the corners of the acrylic glass image. You can order the holes as well as the matching stainless steel spacers at the same time. If you don't want a holder for your wall pictures, you will also find the perfect solution at MYPOSTER: For flexible decoration, we recommend the Nielsen design shelf and the discreet acrylic stand for smaller acrylic glass pictures (up to 30 x 30 cm).

Popular questions about acrylic glass

What is Acrylic Glass?

Acrylic glass is a transparent plastic sheet. It is therefore also known as Plexiglas or art glass. Due to its robust and easy procurement, it is extremely popular for both private and commercial use.

Is PLEXIGLAS the same as acrylic glass?

Yes, Plexiglas is a brand name for acrylic glass and therefore only one type of acrylic glass.

What is better, glass or acrylic glass?

The advantage of acrylic glass is that it reflects light better and is only half as heavy as glass. It is also more robust, weatherproof and UV-resistant. Glass, on the other hand, has the advantage that it does not scratch as easily as acrylic glass.

How do you care for acrylic glass?

Acrylic glass should never be wiped dry, as this can scratch the surface. It is better to clean acrylic glass pictures with water and a lint-free cloth or sponge.

How do I best hang acrylic glass pictures?

How you want to hang your acrylic glass pictures depends on the size of your picture. While small acrylic prints can be attached to the wall with nails, large acrylic prints should be attached with screws and the appropriate wall plugs.