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Birthday Collage

How personal can a birthday gift be? With a photo collage for a birthday, you are sure to come close to making the most individual gift ever. And it's easy too! After choosing any number of photos, the material, and matching design templates, a gift is created that will make the recipient happy for a long time.


Happ Birthday Collage


Personalize your birthday collage - it doesn't get more personal

What could be more personalized than a self-made photo collage for a birthday gift? If you really want to make someone happy, browse through your photos taken together with the recipient. After giving the gift, reminisce about the many shared moments, bask in wonderful memories together, and the best part is: the birthday person will now think of you daily when their gaze falls upon your birthday collage.
Get started now so you don't look outdated during the gift presentation!Also, check out our pages on Photo Collages for Friends and Birthday Banners to get more ideas!


Quickly create a birthday collage

First, grab all the photos you want to show on your birthday collage. Then select the material on which your collage is to be printed and the format and go to the configurator. Here you can also change the format and material again. Now upload your pictures, choose your desired layout and then really let off steam. Because: You have sooo many options here to design your "Birthday" collage. With colorful backgrounds, individual texts, funny and lovingly designed clipart, you can implement all kinds of ideas - let's go! Make someone really happy for their birthday!


30th Birthday Photo Collage (or for another occasion)

Whether it's a collage for an 18th birthday or a photo collage for a 50th birthday: with a birthday photo collage, you always give the perfect gift! Choose the most beautiful photos and create an extraordinary gift in just a few steps. Cheerful cliparts in the MYPOSTER collage configurator are lovely little helpers that you can use to enhance your photo collage wonderfully.
Design your very unique birthday photo collage now!