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You can find the perfect Photo Collage template here

No matter the occasion, no matter the taste - we have the perfect design template for your photo collage. You can customize it to your preferences in our configurator, with as many images, backgrounds, text fields, and other details as you like. And of course, you can also have your collage printed: as a poster, canvas, on acrylic glass, and more!

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Photo Collage Templates: We have it all!


Your collage, your design - thanks to our templates

With our photo collage templates, whether romantic, simple, as a gift, or for a wedding, there is definitely a design for you. Once you've found your model, you can customize it in our configurator, add your photos, change or add text, and more. Simply browse through our various categories and let yourself be inspired! You have all the creative possibilities, and thanks to the intuitive interface, you'll quickly find your way. Alternatively, you can also design without a photo collage template and start with a blank canvas. Choose the right photos and start creating now! The result is always the same: a 100% personalized collage exactly to your liking, which you will still enjoy looking at even after years.


Customize your photo collage template in the configurator - make it fit.

Our design templates are just the beginning! When you have found your favorite, you can customize it completely in our configurator - on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. You can replace our sample images with your own, add as many images as you like, change the background, adjust the format and material, and more! Try out different ideas before making a decision. Save all your designs with a single click in your customer account so you can compare them later.


Enhancements, graphical elements, and fonts for your photo collage template.

When creating your collage, you can let your imagination run wild with us and take your photo collage template to a new level with a variety of embellishments, clip arts, and fonts. Highlight design elements or texts with gold, rose gold, or silver foiling, or experiment with different fonts until you find your favorite. Additionally, you can add image elements and clip arts that fit the theme of your collage. In the configurator, you can choose from thousands of options, easily insert, enlarge, rotate elements with a click, etc. This turns our design template into your own personal collage in no time, tailored to your vision. Start designing now for the best results!

The suitable material for your photo collage template.

You can freely choose whether you want to print your collage on a poster, canvas, acrylic glass, gallery bond, and more using your template. Additionally, we can deliver your photo collage directly in a wooden or aluminum frame upon request. While designing, you can easily check the different options in the configurator and compare various models. Select the material that best matches your style and images and click on 'order'. Your collage template will look even better in real life, we promise! This way, you can hang it on the wall right after unpacking.