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Create Photo Collage Posters

Caution: our collages really are addictive! Pick 50, 100 or even 500 of your own photos and create your collage effortlessly. Fully customizable: as many pictures as you like, custom backgrounds, add text and cliparts. Print out your memories on posters, canvas, acrylic glass and other materials!

Many pictures


Your photos, your collage - Our multiple pictures collage

An unforgettable holiday, a mega party, or simply shared experiences: There are so many occasions to take photos, and quickly you have hundreds of pictures together. That's why you should use our numerous pre-made photo collage templates. You can create XXL collages with 50, 60, 70, or even 80 photos. Moreover, you can add as many photos as you like, so your photo collage can quickly feature well over 100 images.


You can customize your multiple pictures collage in the configurator.

You want it even more individual? Our templates are just the beginning! If you have found your favorites, you could enhance the template in the configurator, customize it completely, and add as many photos as you like - on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. You can change the background, adjust the format & material, write texts, place funny cliparts, and more! Just try out different ideas before making a final decision. You can save all your designs with a single click in your customer account, so that you can compare them later. In the end, you just have to choose the most beautiful collage and the suitable material. Make it perfect and order your multiple pictures collage now - with or without a matching frame!

Creating your multiple pictures collage is so easy

In the first step, search for all the images you want to include in your photo collage. Then, choose one of the templates and design it as you like.Do you want specific images to be highlighted and displayed larger? Or do you want to arrange the photos by themes, colors, or occasions? Let your imagination run wild! Each image in the photo collage can be individually edited or adjusted. Remember, the more images your collage contains, the larger your format should be to ensure everything remains recognizable.
Let's get started: Create your individual multiple pictures collage!