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Vacation collages: your best travel moments

Dreamy sunsets, fabulous views, delicious food: You have gathered so many wonderful impressions from your trip that it would be a shame not to put them on paper. Why not create a holiday collage out of them? With carefully selected materials, numerous design templates, and even more customization options, you can immortalize your journey. Start designing now and look forward to the fast delivery of your holiday collage!



Vacation collages: Ready for vacation!


Your collage "Vacation" keeps your memories alive in everyday life.

Feel the sand between your toes again as you look at your holiday collage! Think of the colorful sunset and taste the refreshing sundowner at the beach bar. Let all your holiday memories merge into a cohesive picture with your collage, bringing you back to your dream destination at any time. Whether you've reached the highest mountain peak or performed the coolest cannonball splash - every moment is worth having its own place on your collage. Let's get started!


Creating your vacation collage

  1. Select the material and format for your collage and click on the corresponding button. This will take you to the collage configurator.

  2. The selected details are displayed at the top left of the configurator. You can change the material and format again using the small pencil next to it. You can also do this using the buttons to the right of the collage preview.

  3. Now upload your photos and choose the right layout

  4. You can automatically fill the layout grid with your photos or do it yourself

  5. Now create your vacation collage to your heart's content with a beautiful background, personal texts and cheerful clipart

  6. You can easily add images and text using the two buttons at the bottom right of the preview and customize them to your taste. Have fun!


Your photos, your design, your unique vacation collage

The MYPOSTER collage configurator is like a small, pleasant journey: A beautiful place to stay, explore, discover, and play! Already with just one photo, you can enhance it with a beautiful background, your texts, and countless cliparts on a variety of themes. The more you look around, the more beautiful things you will find. There is a wide range of different layouts available for up to 80 photos.
Now, embark on the configurator discovery journey!