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Time to get crafting: Your scrapbook.

Scrapbook photo ideas

Scrapbooking Photo Prints

Fascinating photo prints in 15 x 10 cm for all your scrapbooking ideas. In glossy, matte, or on exquisite Hahnemühle artist paper.


Production time 2 working days

Expedited Shipping Available

Scrapbook retro pictures

Fully on trend: Photos in retro style. Available in 10 x 12 cm with writable borders, in glossy, matte, or as a Hahnemühle print.


Production time 2 working days

Expedited Shipping Available

Photo Box for scrapbooking

Order 30 or more photo prints in one of the trendy picture boxes. Photos are available in 10 x 12 or 9 x 13 cm on various types of paper. Mega-practical and stylish.


Production time 2 working days

Expedited Shipping Available

Scrapbook accessories

Scrapbook Photo Album

Photo album in normal size (26 x 25 cm) or XL (30 x 30 cm) Scrapbook album sets with 500 adhesive labels and silver Sharpie for individual texts & embellishments.

Washi Tape "Golden Rain" Scrapbook

This Washi Tape is adorned with delicate golden dots, adding a touch of luxury to your photos. It is 10m long and 15mm wide, waterproof and easy to write on.

Scrapbook Washi Tape "Silver Stripes"

Simply brilliant! We don't just like silver linings on the horizon. Spice up your photos with elegant silver stripes too! The Washi Tape is 10m long, 15mm wide, writable, and waterproof.

Scrapbook Washi Tape "Pink Checks "

For a change, we are being meticulous with this 15mm wide washi tape "Pink Checks" with emerald green accents on a white background. The 5 meters of adhesive tape are waterproof and writable.

Washi Tape "Emerald Green" scrapbook tape

This delicate green shade looks elegant and modern, suitable for all scrapbooking themes. The 15mm wide Washi Tape is 10m long, waterproof, and writable.

Scrapbook Washi Tape "Pastel Pink"

This airy and playful rosé tone sets harmonious accents in your scrapbook. The roll contains 10m of Washi Tape, which is writable, waterproof, and 15mm wide.

What you should know about scrapbooking


What is Scrapbooking?

"Scrap" comes from the English and means "part" or "piece". In a scrapbook, several individual items such as photos, tickets and other memorabilia are collected and glued together. There are no limits to your creativity. You can also label, paint and decorate the individual pages with fancy pens. Let's go! Grab your utensils and create your own individual scrapbook!

1. Scrapbooken topic wise

What theme do you want for your scrapbook? Is it about a trip, a celebration, or is it centered around one or more people? Do you want to depict a specific period, like a year or a decade? In a scrapbook, for example, you can beautifully capture the first year of a baby's life or the growth of your child until their 18th birthday. Let your ideas flow freely!

2. Estimate pages of your scrapbook

Estimate how many photos you will roughly stick in and how many you would like to present on each page. This way you can estimate the required number of pages. Are there a few pages left after your calculation? Then loosen up here and there by showing only one or two photos on a page. Or occasionally use a page completely for notes, tickets, or other mementos.

3. Collecting memorabilia

What would you like to stick in your scrapbook in addition to your photos? Tickets, invitation cards, excerpts from city maps, napkins, business cards, information sheets, newspaper articles, and much more are suitable for this purpose.

Scrapbooking accessories & tools

With beautiful (glitter) pens, acid-free photo glue or adhesive labels, washi tape, stickers, scissors, colorful decorative paper, gift wrap, fabric scraps, and whatever else you like, you can beautifully decorate your scrapbook.

5. Running and Scrapbooking!

When your material is ready, divide your photo album into subtopics or time periods as needed. You can then assign and paste your photos and mementos according to these divisions.
A helpful tip: First glue in larger papers, then the photos, and then smaller elements like tickets - from large to small. Please remember to leave some space for notes and comments.

Enhance scrapbook further

To conclude, you can add labels and decorations as you like, for example, with pretty washi tape. By the way, the MYPOSTER retro pictures can already be labeled in the configurator. However, you can also label the white border during scrapbooking with a pen. Depending on the material (photo paper or Hahnemühle), a waterproof pen is recommended, or even a nice decorative pen. On Hahnemühle paper, you can write with any pen, basically.

And now have fun scrapbooking!


If you're not in the mood for pasting, would you rather create your scrapbook online? Make sure to check out the numerous design templates on MYPOSTER photobooks! But be careful: it will be difficult to choose one! However, that's not a problem, because even with our online scrapbooks you can completely customize everything to your heart's content.